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Bridget Jones Diary

Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen Fielding

This is an iconic chick lit novel.  It concerns a thirty-something British
working woman.  Bridget is constantly worrying about men, her weight, being single, men, her weight, how hung-over she is, being single, men, her weight, her clothes, being single… well you get the idea.  It details her life over the course of one year in the form of, as the title indicates, her diary.  Actually Bridget’s story is less interesting than her mom’s story which has much more drama.  I read this novel for my literary exploration challenge, but I had always planned on reading it since it was made into a movie (which I’ve never seen).  I thought that surely it had a little more to it than the typical chick lit story since it was made into a movie.  Wrong.  It was very typical – entertaining and a light, easy read when you want that kind of thing.  I know that there are two sequels to BJD but since this genre is not really my thing, I’m pretty sure I’ll give them a pass