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We Die Alone: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance - Stephen E. Ambrose, David Howarth

Pretty good. Absolutely harrowing adventure Jan Baalsrud had to endure, and it is almost inconceivable how he managed to survive so much time alone in the Arctic weather when he was so sick. The story gets a little tedious toward the end, but still well worth reading. 


Kind of astounding to read how isolated the people in the northern regions of Norway were.  They really knew hardly anything about the war and how it was going because they weren't allowed to have radios and the newspapers were allowed to say only what the Nazis allowed.  I didn't know prior to reading this that Norway was occupied by the Germans.  This just isn't a country that you ever really hear about in relation to WWII. 


I was impressed by the risks that the Norwegians were willing to take to try to save Jan's life since it didn't seem as though he would live.  So many men in these tiny villages put their families welfare and their own lives at risk just to save this one man whom they knew nothing about and might never see again. Makes you wonder if anyone would do something similar if people were faced with the same situation today.  I kind of doubt it, but I hope I'm wrong.