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The Hermit - Shayne McClendon

This book started off with such a bang and continued with a strong story line.  The characters were well-developed and interesting.  And then near the end, where the love scene begins, the story fell apart.  I was unaware that the author is a writer of erotica.  That is not a genre I chose to read and so this part of the story was just not something I found at all interesting.  It was so strange to have such a well-crafted, wonderful story, then sex scene and then the end.  I felt left hanging, wanting to know more about the development of Daphne and Ryan's relationship, not about how they have sex. I only wish I had known about the erotica part and I would have skipped the book.  I felt cheated that I didn't get a real ending (real in my view anyway) since I really enjoyed 80% of the story.