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The Milestone Tapes - Ashley Mackler-Paternostro The premise of this book sounded great, but unfortunately it did not live up to expectations. The first part of the book where the reader gets to know Jenna just goes on too long. I realize that its important to get to know her since you need to know Jenna to understand the kind of mother she was, but too many parts just don't seem necessary and make the story drag. For instance the reunion with Jenna's sister and the story of the sister's impending divorce. The book really picks up and is much better once Jenna is gone, and we pick up where Mia is now 16.

The number of typos in the book became very distracting to me. While they don't affect the story, they bugged me quite a bit, especially since they increased in number as the book progressed. Its almost as if someone got tired of looking for them and stopped doing a thorough job. Many of them are simply words that spell check won't catch or missing words like "the" or "to". This is where a good editor was sorely needed.

It sounds like I didn't care for the book and really I did, I just think that much better editing would have tightened up the story line and made this book worthy of 4 stars.