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The Sound of Broken Glass - Deborah Crombie This is rather typical of Deborah Crombie’s previous Kincaid and James mysteries. They have just enough mystery to keep you guessing but are not so convoluted that the resolution could have never really happened that way. The best part of these mysteries has rarely been the solution of the various murders but the relationship between Duncan and Gemma. However in this novel, unlike many in the past, not much happens in their relationship. I know that characters have to grow and move on in their relationships so that their story lines don’t get stale, but I miss the tension that used to be between Duncan and Gemma, both in their professional and personal lives, because that is what made the books most interesting. Now that they are married, much of the tension between them is gone and has been replaced with the worries about their foster daughter, Charlotte. It isn’t the same and not nearly as interesting.

So this novel was okay, but only okay and I probably won’t remember much at all about it a few months from now. Maybe Deborah Crombie knows that things have gotten too bland and that’s why she ended this novel the way she did. I don’t want to spoil anything, but just let me say that I look forward to the next Kincaid/James novel to see what changes are in store for them.